We’ve been working closely with the ATF to take all the information contained on a Form 4 and embedded it into a barcode on the first page. This ground-breaking setup allows ATF staff to simply scan this barcode, which instantly populates the appropriate fields of the ATF database. By utilizing our barcoded forms, the ATF data entry personnel will no longer need to manually type tedious information into their system. A quick scan turns what would’ve taken several minutes into mere seconds, and then they’re on to the next form. This new approved system will benefit both the consumer and dealer by:

Increasing ATF Speed
•In testing the new barcoding system we’ve already submitted over 3,000 Form 4’s to the ATF, and the ATF time to process these forms has improved tenfold.

Increasing Efficiency
•Silencer Shop error rate for submitting post-41F Form 4’s with the ATF was close to zero before and now with the new approved process, it’ll be even lower.

The industry-wide error rate is close to 50% for forms submitted post-41F to the ATF, which we’re also working to address with our Form 4 Generator.

Form more information check out the rest of our blog post. https://blog.silencershop.com/f4-bar...proved-by-atf/