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  1. Hunting
    Howdy fellers, so I do everything I can to get enough damn sleep but let’s be honest, in the real world it just doesn’t always work out the way you want it too. When I do my all day hunts there are some times around 10am-2pm that I start to really get sleepy and, yes, I could take a nap, but...
  2. Hunting
    Hey fellers, looking to see what kind of hunting leases there might be out there? Definitely looking to go in with a few guys to get the best bang for my buck. This isn’t something I’m just dying to do, but it would be nice to have something other than public land to hunt on. Lease could be...
  3. Big Game
    Hi everyone I’m trying to take my Dad and Daughter to Kaw lake WMA for muzzleloader and I was wondering if I can get some tips on where to go just trying to get my Dad and Daughter on some deer and Advice would be awesome.
  4. Hunting
    Anyone that is familiar with ONX Hunt app knows you can find who owns what property. I’ve found some property that has no fence, not signs, and is owned by some big investment holdings company in New York that supposedly has/had an office here in Oklahoma but when you look the company up, and...
  5. Hunting
    onX Hunt Club Hey fellas, don’t be too rough on me if this idea is just too far out there, but I’m on vacation with my family laying here in bed at a hotel near Disney World dreaming about hunting whitetail deer (hahahahaha). An idea popped in my head and it’s literally in the beginning stages...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, new here. I don’t have Facebook or any of that other crap that does nothing but piss everyone off lol. Love to hunt and fish and really just seeing what my fellow outdoorsmen are up too. I have a wife, 4 kids and I’m an engineer for a company locally owned. Somewhere along the way...
  7. Hunting
    OK, this is weird but I'm not sure how to do this otherwise. I called some nice folks at ODWC to try to learn some stuff and they tried, but I think I need some firsthand interactions/conversations and I'd prefer not to have to learn everything on my own if I can get some support. I asked about...
  8. Hunting
    Thanks for taking time to read. Couple of veterans trying to jump into deer hunting. We decided to get our feet wet but didn't draw this year - we both live in Tulsa - looking for advice on which public land to hunt. Any advice is appreciated! Mike
  9. The Tavern
    Saw this on QDMA today, some of these guys are MONSTERS! I certainly didn't get a shot at any of these guys...maybe I'm too old for this :rolleyes: Check them out, kudos to the guys that let them grow! Sound Deer Management the Key to Oklahoma's Record Setting Whitetail Season | The Venatic
  10. Hunting
    Here is some advise on how to age a deer in the field.. How To Age A Whitetail Buck
  11. The Tavern
    Hello all. I just joined the forum today and I'm looking for someone to help me with deer hunting this year. I've been hunting twice in my life. Once about 20 years ago, turkey hunting and never saw a bird, then hog hunting about 4-5 years ago and that got disrupted by people showing up. So...
  12. Hunting Leases & Land For Sale
    Lease desired within a reasonable driving distance of Enid. Desire Deer hunting and Turkey if available. For the most part I would be the only hunter, although I would like to be able to take my father for a day or two if he came here from out of state. I hunt with every archery, muzzleloader...
1-12 of 12 Results