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  1. Big Game
    Just wondering what brands/products you guys have the best luck with when it comes to deer attractant, pellets, food plots. Thanks!
  2. The Tavern
    Anyone have some advice on food plot seed? Trying to decide what to plant this year. Going to have about a 1.5-2 acre plot prepped in the next few weeks. Land is located in the northwest region of Oklahoma. Location is open between 2 good size ponds, 2 good travel corridors on either side...
  3. The Tavern
    Saw this on QDMA today, some of these guys are MONSTERS! I certainly didn't get a shot at any of these guys...maybe I'm too old for this :rolleyes: Check them out, kudos to the guys that let them grow! Sound Deer Management the Key to Oklahoma's Record Setting Whitetail Season | The Venatic
  4. Hunting Leases & Land For Sale
    My husband and i are looking for a good lease. We would love access to it year around. Would like to be able to plant food plots and put out feeders. We hunt Duck and whitetail. On the River or water ways is ideal with heavy woods. We could have up to 5 hunters interested but if a small lease...
  5. The Tavern
    Hello all. I just joined the forum today and I'm looking for someone to help me with deer hunting this year. I've been hunting twice in my life. Once about 20 years ago, turkey hunting and never saw a bird, then hog hunting about 4-5 years ago and that got disrupted by people showing up. So...
1-5 of 6 Results