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  1. Hunting
    Hey fellers, looking to see what kind of hunting leases there might be out there? Definitely looking to go in with a few guys to get the best bang for my buck. This isn’t something I’m just dying to do, but it would be nice to have something other than public land to hunt on. Lease could be...
  2. Small - Medium Game & Varmit
    Hey everyone, I've been looking to get into hunting for some time now but have never had the chance. It's about time I get started! I was wanting to start with bow hunting Rabbit as it's something that I can manage myself even if I have to go it alone. I live in OKC, so I was curious...
  3. Hunting
    OK, this is weird but I'm not sure how to do this otherwise. I called some nice folks at ODWC to try to learn some stuff and they tried, but I think I need some firsthand interactions/conversations and I'd prefer not to have to learn everything on my own if I can get some support. I asked about...
1-3 of 3 Results