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    OK, this is weird but I'm not sure how to do this otherwise. I called some nice folks at ODWC to try to learn some stuff and they tried, but I think I need some firsthand interactions/conversations and I'd prefer not to have to learn everything on my own if I can get some support. I asked about...
  2. Turkey Hunting
    Remember folks to always keep safety in mind and positively identify your target and what’s beyond it before ever shooting. Turkey Hunters Get Shot At While Calling In A Gobbler *
  3. Turkey Hunting
    This is a good video demonstrating how to skin a turkey for the taxidermist.. How to Skin a Turkey for Taxidermy
  4. Turkey Hunting
    Anyone use a foxpro to call turkey ever. I loaded up my foxpro with all the turkey calls they offer, some sound pretty good.. I usually use mouth calls but gonna try the foxpro a few times this season any input?
  5. Turkey Hunting
    Here is a new article to hopefully help a new turkey hunter out this spring season.. ABC?s of Turkey Calling
1-5 of 5 Results