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09' Turkey G.T. 6th & 7th out come.

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1 tom down.
20 pounds 9" beard & 1" & 1 1/16th" Spurs.
Still got to off load the pics from my cell.

Me & Bird had a great time.
It was some ruff hunting with tight lip birds.

Hope to see Bird again in a few weeks & get a stab @ some Ft.Sill turkeys.
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Congrats on a nice bird ;D I haven't been out yet with all the crap going on now, but tomorrow morning is the day! ;D
All the best to ya tomarrow.

It was some tough hunting with tight lip birds after opening morning.
Went to James Collins yesterday and the birds are silent there as well. Saw 2 hens on the side of the road on the way there, but the birds didn't make a peep. Plus don't know if you could have heard one if it did with the wind howling. Just missed a big storm with 2in hail by 10 miles and drove home in all the smoke and heavy winds. Weird day yesterday.

Gauge, I'll see ya for a Ft Sill trip for sure.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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