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12-21-08' This evenings hunt.

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Well, all in all this evening was decent.
Shot 1 bull pintail,1 bull mallard & a bull green wing teal.

I tryed out a new load by Hevi-Shot this evening.
It's their pheasant load 12 Gauge 1 1/8oz of #4 shot 2 3/4" 1200 f.p.s.
I was not to impressed with it...The pintail & the mallard took 3 rounds to fully kill them both.
The pintail was only 30 yards & the mallard was 55 yards plus.
This has been the only Hevi-Shot product,I dis like.

Okay here's the photo's........................

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If I duck hunted, I could have filled my season limit this afternoon. We were working gunner in a milo stubble field and came around the dam of a new 5 acre pond. There had to be 500 ducks, and around 100 geese on it. :eek:
Its been so cold its the only open water left, and they were sure thick ???
Dennis, thous are the days we all ask for buddy.
All ya got to do is call me & get in your jeep and take a 1 hr drive down south buddy.
sure looks like your having a good season
It has been good considering all the lack in rain & the funky weather.

You get to feeling better & if the season is still on...Will go.
Just let me know ELIP?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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