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12 gage semi-auto suggestions...

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Ok I am looking at possibly getting a 12 gauge semi-auto soon..So I am looking at getting suggestion on guns to look at.Basically this shotgun will be used for bird hunting..everything from dove,quail,pheasant and waterfowl..I figure the Mossberg can become my turkey gun and deer slug once I get a slug barrel for it. I just can't go through another season of waterfowl and dove with a pump action..So toss your suggestions my way..Also gotta be on the cheap side ie around the $500 mark.. Has to be able to chamber 2 3/4", 3" and 3 1/2" shells..

I was thinking a Benelli maybe...if I can afford the semi-auto...Also looking at maybe a Mossberg 935...I do like my 835 just need a ssemi-auto..I know mossberg makes some nice waterfowl/turkey combos as well..Plus my 835 choke tubes would fit it as well..
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Here's the mossberg I am looking at for a pure waterfowl gun..It would fit in the budget and use the same choke tubes as my 835 so I could use it for turkey as well if I wanted and just turn the 835 into a slug gun.

What about the cheap Benelli's the Stoeger? Seen them advertised in NAH's mag for around 5 bills.
The Mossberg 935...will not eject 2 3/4" it is set up just for 3" & 3 1/2" shells.
The Charles Daly Maxi-Mag Semi auto will chamber all 2 3/4" 3" & 3 1/2" & is in the $500.00 mark.
The CD will eject 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz loads & some will eject 1 oz loads. CD will not hold it but to only 1 1/8oz loads.
Remington has 1 too in the $500.00 range.{ It looks too me..Like plain crap!!!}
Smith & Wesson also makes 1 around $500-$600 and is for 3" & 3 1/2" only- like the Mossberg 935.

For the $500.00 range you can't beat the Charles Daly.

You will have to be willing to spend $700.00 for a 11-87 Remington 3 1/2" Semi Auto.
Benelli are $900.00 & that is just for a 3" Magnum...$1200-1400 for the 3 1/2" Super Black Eagel 2.
The Beretta is $1400-1600 for the 3 1/2".
The Browning Silver is $900-1000. The Gold is $1000-1200. Both are 3 1/2"
The Winchester Super X2-are $800-900 & the Super X3 is $1000-1300.

That will cover all the 12 GA 3 1/2" Semi-Autos.....Okchunter.
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Stay away from them.I had 1. It was a big pile of dukky.
If it's not a true Benelli..stay away from um.
Glad to know that about the Stoeger's, me and the ol' 870 are gonna retire together.
I hear that Bird..The Remington 870 is #1 of the best pump guns out their.
gauge covered it the sx2 and sx3 are one of the best shooting guns out there under 1000 from the sounds f it i would go with the charles daly
Yeah I had forgotten about the CD...Does BassPro sell em or do I need to look elsewhere?
If you want 1.
I'll ask the D.U. Gun Dealer about getting ya 1 for $50-$100 off what most Gun Stores sell um for.
Charles Daly is 1 of D.U.'s Guns of donation.
Let me know Okchunter.
Ask: Mason if they carry them @ Bass Pro Shops? He should know.
we can order them but only keep a few ou from them
Gauge when I have the cash ie our tax stimulas money I'll drop you a line to get me a price...I figure a 26" barrel I can use for various applications without it being overly heavy,...I hate bird hunting with this long ass barrel on the mossberg..
The CD is a 26" barrel and has 22 magna ports as well on the barrel.
I'll post a pic for ya Okchunter.
Well,It seems CD is up grading their site.
Okchunter- Your looking at 399.99 + Tax for a all Black 1 / with a 26" Magna ported barrel.
Camo patterens are in RealTree HD Grey & Green / Advantage Timber & Advantage Max-4. { $420.00-$487.00}
All C,Daly Maxi-Mag shotguns choke tubes are interchangeable with Remington Rem Chokes.
It takes only 1 week to get ya a shotgun during the off season May-Aug.

Let me know when ya want 1 ok?
Ok let me get this car stuff all sorted out and once I do and know how much I can spend we'll go from there..I will be getting a camo patterned one..I figure a camo one will work best for ducks and what not..
Ok, Here is a photo of the CD Maxi-Mag 3 1/2" Auto.
Didn't work.

Go to www.charlesdaly.com & click on Maxi-Mag 3 1/2" Shotguns.
Okchunter- they carry it in the new RealTree APG{ Camo}.
Here is a photo finaly of 1.
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Yep that's the one I want..:)
I want 1 too.
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