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2 more weeks to go till...

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I can say:Smoke is in the air. ;D ;D

Deer Primitive Season:Oct,25

All the best to Ya'all this Deer- Muzzle Loader-Season.
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I need to get out and shoot mine. This darned overhaul is killing me for time, and its getting dark earlier, so there is no time to drive out to the range. :'(
Not to much longer to go,Will be setting the clocks back.
Hopefully you will get the time to shoot her in before the season starts.
Coastal Bull Elk general season opens here in Oregon November 15th. Man I can't wait. I got tag in one hand and my rifle in the other just chompin at the bit to get one. Good luck to everyone this season.
Hope everyone gets a big 'un!
yea well i got that beat duck season starts here the 25th and im gonna waylay them i love it i went out last night and counted 450 ducks and 75 geese on on pond with 9 different species of duck im ready ;D ;D
Still got to wait till Nov,1st to get here. ::)
Then the Duck wacking can begin. ;D
Duck opened in Oregon last weekend. Going out tomorrow to do some quacker wackin
Good luck!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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