Hey everyone. We moved here from Oregon in September and I bought this cargo trailer for the move over here. Replaced all four tires with the next hire rating from what the spec plate calls for. Clean title in my name. I built a plywood box on the front for my generator. I’m throwing in the generator too. It’s a 2k watt Wen that’s quiet and powered two freezers and a fridge on the way over. I’m using it to store a few things but in the pics you can see that table in there. I’m throwing that in too if someone wants it. It’s basically two 4x8 sheets on a frame with casters so it’s sturdy and holds a ton of stuff. Asking $5,500 obo. I’d really like it gone asap so I can start building my shop. I don’t know what the market is like here yet so I tried pricing it competitively compared to what I’ve seen online here. Let me know if you have any questions!