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2nd Annual Turkey Hunt for the PVA starts tomorrow!

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Wish us luck...and do an 'anti-' rain dance! We need dry weather! :)
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Good luck on your hunt. Looks like we are going to get rain here too. I have to get out to our new rifle/pistol range this morning and try to beat the rain myself.
Thanks, Dennis...starts this afternoon, which is about when the rain is supposed to start. I'm working on getting the blinds waterproofed before then...hopefully.
So far, except for a sprinkle, we didn't get any rain, and I got about 9 hours of dirt moving done. ;D

How is your hunt going?
The drive out to hunt took longer than the hunt itself with my guy. We were on our way back into town after 15-20 minutes...19.4 lbs, 7/8" spurs and 9 3/4" beard. The other groups had some close calls, but nothing in the bag...yet! We'll be back out in the morning. We've got properties to hunt in 2 counties (1 Tom limit in each), so when someone gets one in one county, they can keep hunting through the weekend.
Good to hear the hunting went well.
Congrates on the hunt

Here is that first bird...will be posting more later! ;D

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...a couple more!

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Great looking birds! Looks like everybody had a good time too ;D
We had a lot of fun. We had 6 hunters total. The first pics were of a fireman from Kentucky that made a significant donation (from a bid contest) to the MAPVA, then we invited him to attend the event...great guy, too. The boy is the son of one of the PVA members. His father made the comment that he'd rather see his boy get one than himself, so I split them up and got him in a good location...and you can see the result. The last gentleman is PVA member, Rich Harrell. He had a miss earlier in the day, but redeemed himself later with this big jake.

One thing I have to mention though is that Mossy Oak came through on a generous donation of hats, shirts and pants for these guys. 'Gun Cozy' also donated some personalized gun covers for each of the PVA hunters attending as well as a few shirts. They also received several calls, etc. from 'anonymous' donors.

Anyway...I'm already looking forward to next deer season!
Awsome hunt and thank you for posting the results and thanks for doing it for the Vets.
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