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2nd Spring Turkey G.T. out come.

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Well, the birds were back to being vocal.
We just had not been able to scout the place the day before the hunt. :mad:
Lot's of birds in roost that morning.
Just needed to be 100 yards closer.

We jumped 1 tom up while moving in for a better look.
Then on the way to the truck 2 more.
We went back into the woods for them & Bird got a shot off with no success. :mad:

Hunted up till 11:00 a.m. & seen 3 jakes that went into another area we were not allowed into.
Still was a good morning of turkey hunting.

Later we went back out around 4:00 p.m. seen 2 toms feeding & swung way out in front of them.
Thought for sure we were gonna get um & be done for the day.
Well on the way to the ambush spot 3 Whitetail does spotted us & ran right threw the turkeys.
We were caught in the open,Bird threw down some yelps & the birds stopped their were 3.
The one turkey started to come our way & then they all bolted across the road.

That was it. I had to run home cause the Lab was not doing good. :(
She's doing good now. :)

See ya next trip Bird..maybe later this week.
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It was another enjoyable hunt, great hunting spot and good guys to hunt with. It was good to hear the birds making some noise after a week of tight lipped turkeys. Had some close calls on some dandy toms. I still plan on comming back this fall and get some pay back on those deer!!!!
Even though you didn't bag a bird, it sounds like Y'all had a great day in the woods ;D
Yes it was.
Better then any day @ work for sure. ;D
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