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I have been looking into the 35 Whelen as a hog gun for awhile now.
Remington has it this year in the 750 semi-auto and the 700 cdl.
Well, I was at BPS in Tulsa today and on the used rack they have a
35 Whelen in the 700 cdl. It looks brand new and is about 100 bucks
cheaper than a new one. I held off and am going to think about it for
a night but what are the odds? Just seeing the rifle you have been thinking
about right there has to be some kind of omen right?
Funny but the same thing happened a couple of weeks ago with a buddy as we
were in a used gun shop and they had a 8mm BDL for dirt cheap. He has been
looking for one of these forever and the other ones he had found were twice
as much. Anyway, the moral of this story is to hit every gun shop you see because you never know what you might find ;D .
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