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Good hog caliber caresut.

I found a mint 30-06 springfield Remington 7400 semi-auto.
It turned out to be a big pile of crap...It shot 8" groups @ only 50 yards.
I returned it to the gun store,I bought it from & I got a Weatherby Accumark in 7mm wby.
It only cost me 0.00 more & it was used as well.
It shot like a dream sub moa @ 100 yards & 200 yards 1/8" groups @ 200 yards.
That was a great rifle.
That .35 Whelen will drop anything in North America in its tracks if it hit good. If its in a price range your comfortable with, I'd got for it. Sounds like its in the cards to me ;) ;D

My first centerfire after getting out of the Army was a Rem 742 Semi auto. I could get a 4" group out of it with some serious reloading of different bullets, and powder. Since I'm kind of picky about having a gun that will shoot at least 1 MOA, I got rid of it pretty quick. The Browning BAR will do a whole lot better. Especially if its equipped with the BOSS system. Just besure to wear lots of ear protection though. ;)
Recently, I've bought a couple more centerfires at gun auctions. I'll try to get some pics posted. They are nothing fancy, but just classics that cought my eye. ;D
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