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a first for me

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I was by myself at the range Sunday afternoon sighting in various rifles and pistols. I decided to go to the IPSC bay and shoot some of the steet targets. Banged a few with the .45, and decided to shoot the Ruger super redhawk in .44 mag. I had some factory rounds that had been given to me by a friend after selling his .44.
I fired a cylinder, reset the targets and decided to try a rapid fire in double action. On the 3rd shot I saw lots of smoke and a fizzzzzz. Almost had the trigger pulled for the 4th shot.
Didn't know if it was a hang fire or what, but kept the barrel on the berm for about 30 seconds, and then opened up the cylinder. First thing was all the black residue everywhere. The second thing was a bullet just past the forcing cone, lodged in the barrel. That was enough for the day, so I went home and got a 3/8" dowel rod, and a rubber mallet and pushed the bullet back out of the barrel.
I don't know what happened. No powder in the round, bad primer? Scared the heck out of me.
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Maybe it had a little moisture that got inside the casing...fouling the powder charge.
Glad ya didn't fire it off again before looking to see what had happened.
Could of went from bad to worst quickly.
Now that is scary!!! Several things that could cause that but none that you could tell from looking at an unfired cartridge except no charge in the casing. Almost makes one not want to do rapid fire.... :eek:
With all the smoke that came out I'm sure that there was powder in the case, but it either had to be contaminated, or as one guy told me to check the flash hole. In his life he had only had one misfire like this and it was because the flash hole had not been completely drilled thru. There was just a tiny opening. I'll look at that when I get home.
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