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A veggie murder

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I had a squash under some leaves that I didn't see, and it got really big. Too big to eat, so it automatically became a target. Used the .17HMR for a full frontal shot. It didn't do what I thought, but it was interesting. It penetrated about 7" into the 12" squash. I disected it as there was no exit wound. I only found two pieces of the bullet. and saw some really small pieces. All were too small to even take a good pic of. :eek: Better than paying for ballistic gellatin ;D

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Interesting ??? How far was the shot? I would have expected a SPLAT! ;D ;D
30 yds for the shot. There is just not enough liquid in there to make a good explosion. Probably did simulate muscle tissue though. I have a watermelon patch growing down on the river, and at last count there was around 30 to 40 of them growing. They look really good when you pop one of them ;) ;D
Cantelope works real well as do tomato's. Late in the season, when there are so many tomato's, I'll just put them on fence posts for about 100 yds, and let er rip ;D Nice hillside behind the posts for a backstop.
I have so many squash this year, that I see all my relatives, and co-workers pulling the blinds when I walk up as they know I have a bag full of them ;D
Now THAT would almost make it worth growin a garden! ;D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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