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Annual G.T. for all members & family as well.

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This G.T. had been posted before the web crash.
Wanted to bring it back up,So we could get everyones imput on it.

I recall, it was going to be set in late spring or early summer before it gets to darn hot.
Maximum drive of 2-3 hr's.
Cookout & fishing plus b.s.'n.

Any ideas for a location/Or other imput ?
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Are you thinking about a place that everyone can camp at??

That or a motel, hotel/Or what ever one wants.
We need to set up a Frapper map so we can tell where everyones located at and then chose a spot near the center.
Sounds good Bird.
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What we gonna do? ??? Let's get after it! I'm excited all ready. ;D ;D
ELIP, Post where you are located. In General ?
We can figure a Lake out from their to have it at.
Thanks ELIP.
By the sounds of it all.
Look'n like a lake close or around OKC aera.
It would be really kewl if we could get someplace that we could also do some shooting for bragging rights at.

Where is this place @ TulsaHunter?
Your back yard turkeyboy. LOL Like I said it would be nice but I understand how difficult that can be.

I'm over in Saddle Mountain about 25 minutes n of Gauge.
Yeah not far at all from ole gauge.. I'll be that direction come April for turkey hunting..Even if you can't get out for hunting sprig we all should hook for lunch or something.
Im in Tulsa

Man, I wish.
I'll be gone come tuesday to Wyoming.
I'm gonna go see about geting a few more elk for my land.
I'll be gone for a week or two.
Lucky dog -u.
Well Ya'all we ever gonna get this G.T a Date & time ? ? ? ? ? ?
Well until I get the jeep up and running I won't be doing much of anything..So I am out till June or July at the soonest..Gives me time to recoup from the expenses...
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