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Another doe with the crossbow

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Got a 75lb doe with the crossbow at about 8am this morning. I've killed all three of them from the same stand, and they were all standing in the same place when they got stuck. Its a natural funnel, and my first opening. I can see them coming into the woods, and when they cross that spot, its lights out. She ran about 50 yds and piled up in the grass field.
Think I'll nickname that spot "The magic circle of death" ;D ;D
I found the picture of #2, so I'll get both pics posted and update the score on tuesday when I get back to work.
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Way to go Dennis..keep on sticking um.
Nice shootin' there Tex.
I sure like the "circle of death" name. WTG Dennis
The "circle of death" came from my dad. Gone for 8 years now, he grew show roses when I was a kid in the back yard. Every night we had to prune, and tend to the roses.(as a kid I hated it) He used cotton seed hulls as a mulch and some of the neighborhood cats used it as a potty place. It actually killed a couple of the rose bushes, so in the summer time we always had windows open in the house as we didn't have air conditioning. Dad took the screen off the bedroom window, closed all the others, and when one of the cats showed up and got within the "circle" he would be standing in the bedroom and shoot a winchester model 1890 hex barrel pump. most of the noise was confined to the bedroom, and the cat was dead. :eek: I still have that rifle.
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