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Hey folks,

Yes, I have yet another longbow for sale/trade. I collected several in the off season practicing and deciding what I like. I've decided this one is too pretty to hunt with. This is a fantastic shooting bow and a real looker, I've just settled on my other bows I like hunting with more.

I bought this bow secondhand and sent it off to the builder, Mike Ballenger, to drop the weight and refinish for me. Since then, this bow has been to CO on an elk hunting trip where it picked up two small, regrettable, scratches in the finish which have been sealed. (the glass is unaltered, cosmetic only). This bow is like new otherwise.

64" RH, bamboo cores with yew veneers under clear glass. Mozambique riser (has a beautiful gold color to it) and tip overlays. 42# @ 28". Grip overlay is wenge, yew, walnut. Asking for $475. I'm open to trades, most interested in bolt guns, maybe others, just ask.
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