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Heres my 2007 Antelope.
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Nice Pronghorn Smokewagon.
Ya get him up in the pandle handle?
Got him in Gladstone, NM. Which is about 45 minutes West of Clayton. Been going for the past 7 yrs. Have always gotten one.
Got to say,New Mexico has alot of speed goats.
Congrates on all your successful hunts,Smokewagon.
Nice one SmokeW. I got drawn out back in '03 and didn't get to go. Always wanted to try my hand at getting one and see how they tasted. Plus they are just darned cool looking!
Bird, they taste great, dont know how after seeing what they eat, but they do. The secret to a good tasting Pronghorn is getting it gutted, skinned, and on ice as quickly as possible. You cant drive around showing em off to your buddies like we all like to do. Once their down, get r done.
That aien't no joke Smokewagon...They eat mostly sage.
The two that,I shot in Wyoming weren't the best in flavor for eating.
They had a diet of 99.9% Sage Brush. :p :-X
Nice to know info, I figgure that someday I'll get out to New Mexico and try it.
Nice speed goat!
I started putting in for them in the controlled hunts last year, and will continue to see if I can get drawn. If its anything like the elk hunts, I'll go to my grave, and never draw :'(
Nice Antelope,Smokewagon.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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