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Anyone been out yet for Deer Archery Season?

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Season started on the 1st of October.
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It'd sure be nice to see some cool weather, next week is looking like '70's all week. Unless you are hunting an open area it's going to be a bugger to see a deer with all the leaves. But that's what makes it hunting!!!
I'm planning on going out Sunday morning. I ordered a thermacell, but it won't get here until Monday. I'm hoping for cool weather to keep the skeeters away, or at least manageable.
Got a doe tonight, saw lots of deer the last 2 days. Will
post pictures in a day or two. All right foggy bottom boys!!!!
Way to go Careut!!!! What'd she weigh?
Congrates on the doe,caresut.
Get it on caresut !!! ;D The Foggy Bottom Boys/Ladies are gonna get rolling now!
with the last floods, and rains from the hurricanes, the insects are so bad now. I went this morning and couldn't stand it. :'(
She was 95 pounds. 28 yard shot from a blind. Quartering away. I hit the shoulder and
it redirected the arrow back to make it pass through behind the opposite shoulder.
She went 400 yards and not much blood beyond the initial shot. I called the game warden
and got permission to use my tracking dog. He tracked right to her and we started seeing more
blood the last 100 yards.
I had the big boy I am after 15 yards from me Sunday night. He never gave me a good shot.
I was drawn back when he was quartering to me but drew down and did not shoot.
It was not a good angle and I could hear thunder coming and did not want to chance not
finding him due to poor shot selection and impending rain. He never saw me and I will hopefully see him again.
I had hogs on my blind this morning. And by on my blind, I mean they were moving the tie down
ropes. I never got a shot as when one finally came out in front, another one caught my scent.
I was in my blind at 5am and I was really getting a little nervous as They were rooting around me
off and on until sunrise. Man, they are loud!
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You did what has to be the most difficult thing in hunting, passing a good buck cause of a poor shot angle. Hope you get another chance at him and get a good shot on him.
Thanks Bird. I hope I do too. He is an old buck and has a huge body.
Here is a gamecam pic of him.
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Holey moley man that had to hurt passing him up. Even more respect to ya! He sure has a tall rack and is that an extra brow tine on the left side?
Man! thats a wall hanger for sure! Takes a real hunter to know when to pass up a questionable shot. My hats off to ya. ;) ;D
What a buck.
You'll get him next time caresut.
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