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ar 15

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i now own one its a dpms lower and olympic upper and yes i can convert it if ya get my drift
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Congrates on the new toy Mason.
Congrats!! We are a team with bird now. I just got word today than my AR15 will ship on monday, after a 5 month backorder. Should see it next week ;D ;D

What caliber did you order??
You guys are killin me hear! I have been droolin over the bushmaster catolog till I have almost worn the cover off. :'(
Before you order anything, go to this site, and talk to them. ;)

a friend and i built mine its a dpms lower and olympic arms upper with a 20 bbl in 556 my next one i think is a 458 socom upper
Ahhhh the lure of the black rifle is a sweet song....... Sounds like you got a sweet one Mason. Let us know how she shoots.

I think I could own a .223 and a .308 and sell the rest of my rifles and be in good shape. To me they are just fun to shoot. Check out the Hogue grips for them as it makes holding on to one that much better. Mine's the Bushmaster A-3, 20 hbl with the removable handle. As it sit now it's a flat top with a 4x16x40 scope.
That should take care of a heard of hogs in a short.
OOOOOOOOOooooohhhhh man would that be some fun!!!!!
Wack um & Stack um up in the back of a truck. ;D
I just got rid of a 20" heavy barrel dpms lower with a bushy upper with a colt barrel. She was a tack driver. Just finished my second build which is a dpms lower with a dpms upper and a wasp barrel 16 inch flat top. Lower rail and a car stock on it.

I also have a Colt M4 upper that I am going to build into a long range rifle 600 + yards. I will be putting a spikes lower on that one. If I dont go that route with it I will make a 10" sbr and order a can for it. I figure the feds can use another 400.

if you live around okc brigadoons has stripped lowers for $89 im gonna go pick up a couple and use them to build the 458 socom and a 6.8 spc now those can take out a herd of pigs
Roger that RAMBO ;D ;D ;D
Yeah I'm liking that 6.8 the more I find out about it. Maybe sometime in the future..........
Big battle going on right now of proponents of the 6.5 Grendel or the
6.8 Rem as the new service round in the AR platform
Before you order anything, go to this site, and talk to them. ;)

This guy will also make any semi auto shoot. My first center fire in 1980 was a Rem 742 semi-auto chambered in 30-06. I was lucky to get a 5" group out of it at 100 yds. At the time I was coming out of the military, and my opinion of semi auto's was really poor. I started reloading at the time because "those that know all" said I could tune the gun with some reloads. I got it down to a 3" group, but thats not good enough. Prior to that I had LOTS of experience with the M-16A1. It really sucked to have to stop in the middle of a fire fight to clear a jam and clean it so it would shoot again. :mad:
Things have certainly changed now. ;D If you have one of these guns, and desire to make them accurate, go to that web site and read the testomonials. He doesn't advertise this,(I don't know why, but learned this from a long distance shooter site) but he builds the AR-15 platforms for the National matches at Camp Perry Ohio

Here is one of the testomonials from the site with a Rem 7400 that is the upgrade of the 742 that I sold.
I have a few friends who are "snipers" and they think the bolt action is the only way to go for ultimate accuracy. I tend to agree, but I guarantee that I can give them a run for their money with the rifle you provided at ranges up to 500 meters. I told them I got the rifle to shoot deer, elk and hogs so there would be no need for me to shoot beyond 500 meters. When I received the rifle I shot 20 rounds through the rifle and adjusted the scope, Nikon Buck master with bullet drop compensator. By the second box of shells I was shooting groups where all 3 rounds were within a 1/8th of an inch from each other at 100 and 200 meters. Before the upgrade you provided my, I could barely get the rounds to come within a 5-6 inch group at the same ranges.
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This will be my next build. What do all of you think ?

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All I have to say is

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You must be planning to take out the whole herd of deer on your lease this season with that baby. ;D
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