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AR Owners????

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Any AR guys in here. What kind do you have and what kind of goodies have you put on it?

Mine is a Bushmaster A3 with regular stock and heavy 20in barrel. 40mm Tasco Varmiter scope will soon be mounted on high mount rings for flat top mounting and an NStar lighted reticle scope on the carry handle for beaver shooting at night.

And I looked at some 75gr .223 ammo that the shop owner sez works like a champ on deer.
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I don't have one yet, but will before the year is over. Just got my safety award bonus, so that should cover it. I'm looking at one from Accuracy Systems Inc. in a 243 WSSM. Plenty of punch for deer, and varmit both. They guarentee 1/4-1/2 MOA accruracy at 100yds :eek: thats a whole lot better than a lot of bolt guns. They also offer it in a 300 RSUM that will pump a 15o grain bullet to 3600+ FPS. Thats cookin' for a .30 round. :eek: I was concerned about the recoil of a round that size, but they offer a muzzle brake that directs all the gas and noise forward to reduce the recoil to a comfortable level.

Just looked at their website. Lots of good reading and info there. Did you read the article in the barrel section on throat wear?
I'm still reading thru their site. there is a lot of information in there to digest. They had lots of good feedback.
I just read the section on throat wear. They were pretty much quoting the research done by Browning when intoducing the .223WSSM and the 243WSSM. As far as accuracy, Most bench rest shooters shoot the non-chrome lined barrels, as they are minutely more accurate. For a hunter, and varmit shooter, its pretty much a non-issue. The chrome lines will last twice as long. I need to look back at an article at AR-15.com where they talk about all three, the stainless, chrome lined, and ordinance steel. They pretty much discovered the same thing that browning did. I'm trying to remember how the stainless steel stacked up against the other two. ??? I'd better read up on it again before I say something I have to take back. ;)
Been seeing some good prices on AR's lately, the Pawn/Gun shop in Mustang has a nice Bushmaster A3 for a like $535 and comes with a bi-pod and has the flashsupressor if you like those.
I'm just not a big fan of the .223. When I get one, its going to have to be used for everything from ultra long range varmit to deer. Thats why I keep looking at the 243 WSSM and the .300 RSUM. I'm going to talk to them today, and see how well that "silent muzzle brake" works at stopping the massive recoil the .300 puts out
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