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Does anyone know anything about Archer's Corner in Lawton? I've been looking at PSE bows online, and when I look up closest retailers, this place always comes up as the closest. I figured Gauge or someone else from this area would know a little more. Do they have a wide variety, and if so, do they help fit people for bows as well?

Any information would be appreciated.
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Thrash13~ Archer's Corner is nothing what it use to be.-(Without Larry & Betty)
That is all that is needed to be said, to how it is run today.

You are far better off to find another archery pro shop.
Others from the Lawton area on this site will agree.

Travel to OKC & their are far more & better pro shops to go to.
Gauge, thanks for the advice. That's all I needed to read, and it's unfortunate things fell apart with Archer's Corner. It would have been nice to have such a local shop.

How about Murf's Gun in Duncan? I know I've been in there before, but I never focused on their archery section. Or do they even have an archery section?

More than likely, I'll probably end up at the good ol' Bass Pro Shop or something unless Tulsahunter and his staff can do everything up there. If I can do business with a member from this forum, that would be even better.
Nothing against Bass Pro, but I've heard that they're not the best at setting you up for a first time bow buy. They're focused on quick turn around. If your comming up to OKC, I can personally reccomend H&H's bow dept. The sell PSE and if you ask for a Steve Levering and tell him an air guard guy named Ranes sent ya, he'll set you up good. I think he works weekends and on most Monday's.
This is my experience and my experience only, I have a few buddies that use the place as well. I moved from the lawton area a few years ago and I still drive 2 and a half hours to use Archers Corner. It may be different than was before , but not a lack of knowledge in the shop. Yes there is possibly one individual there that is just there to work and not provide to much technical support. Otherwise, I really enjoy the place and have enjoyed the place for the last 5 or 6 years. Don't go to Murf's, all they will do is rape you, and Please don't go to bass pro, I am sure there are guys that know what they are doing there, but it is a crap shoot whether one of those guys will be there.
Thanks for the feedback! That's why I enjoy visiting the forum because I'd be lost without these opinions.

I'll probably visit Archer's Corner because it's a few minutes from my work, but I may end up going to H&H when I get a bow. And I've heard Murf's prices are ridiculous, so I'll cross that one off my list now. I'll also cross Bass Pro off my list as well. :)

Thanks again for the feedback guys.
Hey Thrash. I live in Lawton and hunt with Gauge a lot. Murf's can be expensive. If you price what your looking for and do some comparison shopping they might surprise you. I have been to Archers Corner several times and they always manage to piss me off by trashing my gear, terrible customer service, or not seeming to answer direct questions. I had a friend asking about arrows. He asked what they had in stock that was comparable to an arrow I was shooting (I shoot Easton Axis). They said they needed to see his bow to answer his question. He told them his draw length and weight he was shooting. They still never told him the type of arrow's they had in stock(and questioned the fact that he was asking about Easton's). Archer's Corner is always my last choice when I can't get anywhere else. H&H is awesome. I personally know a few of their archery tech's and will drive to wherever they work because the quality of service I have received, and the fact they are good people. I have been using these guys since they where in another location and H&H bought that store. Same people, Same smiles, different store.
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I worked at Bass Pro so this is first hand experience at the time only two of us knew how to work on bows good enough to do it ourselves. Im not there and the other is deployed to Iraq. So for your benefit and your bows do not I repeat DO NOT take it there. Go to H&H any of those guys are great I personally deal with Lance or Al on all my stuff but have for years.
At H&H just ask for Silverback! He's a hoot and a half. Honcho knows him too. He is sharp on the bow stuff.

Bit of a drive for ya, but I like Davenports in Prague. Nice guys and the know their stuff. And in Shawnee, Tabes' is top notch bow wrench.
I used Tabe's in college when I lived in Shawnee. Great place. However, I wouldn't drive past H&H to get there. I ask for the Silverback (Steve) or Al. As already stated, very knowledgeable and they always treat you right.
I would suggest Oklahoma Archery in OKC. I've dealt with a lot of other archery shops around, and they really treated me right. Liked it so much i recently bought my new compound from there. Archers Corner really kinda rubbed me the wrong way, and i doubt i ever go back. I won't say anything other than that tho.
About time you jumped back on here.
haha, i know i know. Better tardy than absent i guess
Thought ya moved on.
Naa, just busy busy. How has everyone been?? Gettin geared up for the wonderful time of the year,,,fall??
Two nights ago at work it actually felt chilly outside. I was stoked as its only going to get colder here soon.
I have been in there 2 times. Both times I was treated as I was an inconvenience then a customer. I walked around the store for 10 minutes the first time without a "hi how you doing" or "anything we can help you with"? I will never step foot in there again.
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