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at least Oklahoma is getting it right

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Too many blue states right now but at least you guys in Oklahoma get it.
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It sure ain't looking good for McCain. :mad: Looks like I better go buy a new gun and start stocking up ammo.
Maybe we can sceede from the rest of the country.
I'm with ya :'(
Had lunch at H&H gun range and man at the people! I've seen 2 different TV news stories about folks buying guns now. I know I'm in the market for .223 & .45 ACP reloading dies.
I was in OKC at sportsmans warehouse Sunday morning, and people were buying every AR-15 they could get their hands on. One guy bought 2 at the same time.
Buddy of mine was wanting a DPMS AR, couldn't find the model he wanted and called DPMS. The wait for a new one is 36 weeks and they are 36,000 units behind on orders already! Wheew! He ended up getting a S&W MP.
Yeah local academy has sold out of many of their firearms..People are so afraid they will lose the right to buy their guns..I am as repub as the next but I don't for see this being an issue in the first term...when we need to worry is second term...Need to get more repubs in the senate and house..then the pres can't do jack..Also remember the Supreme Court has already set a resounding precedence with DC citizens right to bear arms..So I don't think the courts will allow them to violate our 2nd amendment rights... I guess you could say I am not all that worried about it..I am more worried about losing my conceal carry right more then anything else..
All I can say is "if they outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns"
Heh would take quite a bit to outlaw guns...I don't care who the pres is the 2nd amendment is clear and he's gonna have one hell of a time changing that.
If he puts 2 surpreme court judges( liberal ) in, they will try to chip away at the whole constitution.
That's right, O'mama will more than likely apoint 2 possible 3 supreme court judges. The last vote was by a 5 to 3 margin.

A change in congress can be as soon as 2 years from now, the house and senate seats are off set by 2 years, so if the Dems muck up they can loose controll of the House and Senate in as little as 2 years.
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