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Back home.....

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Well it's good to be home..Been gone all weekend in Broken Bow for a weekend get away in a cabin. I gotta say we meaning my family truly enjoyed our weekend and it was a good way of getting away and relaxing. Been a pretty stressful passed couple months and this was a well needed break. If anyone wants a weekend to get away and be out of town and still have some comforts I must say the cabins we stayed in were as nice as you can get. You are in the woods surrounded by pines, cedars and various other trees and wild life and well it's peaceful and quiet. So if anyone is interested in heading to the SE part of the state to get away let me know and I'll give ya some info. It's a fun an enjoyable experience for sure..

Well the trip solidified one thing for my family we're leaving the city and heading to the country as soon as I graduate. I can't tell you how much fun we had. The kids didn't even need a TV to have fun and we had no computers nothing just the woods, lake and we cooked out and roasted marsh mellows in a fire pit..Man was it sweet..So once I graduate we're going to start looking for land that's in the boonies as they say and getting the heck out of the city.. You can breath better, no noisy traffic, nor dealing with neighbors. The wife finally realized why I have been pushing to move out of the city when she was out there and realized just how relaxing it is and how peaceful it can be. We all slept good in fact probably the best sleep the wife and I have had in some time. Was nice being able to go sit out on the back porch every morning to read the paper and drink my coffee with no stress..Kids could run around and have fun and well be kids without me worrying about them getting run over by a car, kidnapped and what not..Our cabin sat on about 2 acres and you couldn't see another cabin in site and it was awesome.

Anyways we had a good time and really hated coming back..I can honestly tell you if I didn't have to sell my house, goto school and the wife to work well we'd be gone tomorrow..So next year I'll be looking for about 5-10 acres or so of land to buy that is still close enough for the wife to goto work and me as well and plenty of space for us to life a much more relaxing and slower paced life.

If anyone has any more questions about the cabins or area we stayed in let me know and I will provide a link and pictures..Infact I will post some pics from out trip here shortly..
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Ok here comes the pics.. We sure had a good time out here...

My son in a park Rangers truck

The family

The cabin and the scenery

The family enjoying the river...

My daughter whistling at the squirrels

The back porch

My son and his mimi enjoying the fire..
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About time you got away & had a good time.
The cabin & the surroundings looks quite peasful.

Good to see ya'all had a good weekend away from all the city slickers.
Nice looking place, post some info if you could. Guy at work took his family on a trip down there to some cabins on stilts as he put it and had a great time.

I do know what you mean about getting out to the boonies, geat relaxation mowing 5 acres, keeping a water well up and running, pumping out your ceptic tank when it goes nutz, neighbors letting their livestock roam in your yard, their dogs eating your cats and dogs, coyotes/bobcats eating your cats and dogs, extra gas to get anywhere or anything......... BUT I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!
I'm with ya bird! ;D

Okc was that one of the state ran cabins on the trout stream below Broken bow?
No these were private cabins..The state ran ones aren't anywhere near as nice..We were hmm down the road from the lake but still off the lake.. It was really a nice place and man I did not want to come home..I could have stayed there for good...I'll get the link to where my wife got the info for everyone..
I'd appreciate getting that link. Its one of the places in Okla that I've never visited.
Id like the link also, that place looks awesome. Hey Gauge, isnt there some cool rental places like that around Medicine Park? Seems like I saw a cabin online thats on one of the lakes there. Looked real nice also.
Smokewagon, their are around a dozen places to stay @ here in Med.Park.
They are a bit pricy too-$60-140.00 bucks a night. A few are less then that but not by much.
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