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I have only found the skull of a button buck, but on one of my deer feeders that I keep running year around I have pics of two bucks that are still carrying their racks :eek: :eek:
I will pull the camera this weekend and get some pictures posted. He is going to be a good one in a couple of years ;)
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Dang:It's May already.
Can't wait to see um Dennis.
That is suprising, seems like the winds we've been having would have blown 'em off by now!!
Thats no lie :eek:
I thought it was two bucks, but as it turns out, it is just one that still has his antlers. Its hard to see that little 1.7" screen thats on the camera.

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That buck looks like he's made of coil spring ready to sproing at any second!!!! Hansome buck fer sure.
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