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Backwoods Hunting and Fishing Show

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Anyone going this weekend???? It's at the state fairgrounds in OKC.
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Nope, Heard it ain't worth the cash anymore to go to.

I'm thinkin bout it but ONLY to get my deer head from last year scored. I went last year and the show SUCKED
Farmboy, I remember you tell'n me that from last year.

I gotta go to the City and work some so I guess I'll go up early and hit Bass Pro.

Hey MasonBanta are you working tomm?
I think I remember Mason saying he was working because this weekend was the Fishing Classic. Lots of good deals
Bird, Yes Mason is working this weekend.

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I went to the backwoods show last year as well, and it did suck.
Nice to know that Dennis...Don't want people wast'n their hard earned cash.
That's a shame that this show has gone downhill like it has. It use to be a pretty cool way to spend a day.
Now is just pretty much guides for hunting and fishing if you can afford them.
If a person really wants to go, do it sunday afternoon. What stuff is for sale will be CHEAP! Those guys used to sell for 50% off just to keep from loading it back up.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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