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BBD or Big Bird Down!!

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Down with a cold or flu or some type of curse, since Monday afternoon. This stuff kicks Nyquil's butt and feel like I have velcro in my lungs. Waaaahhh! sez I, waaah!
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Aw heck, just throw back about 10 oz of Jack Daniels, and you will be fine....I can hear the whine from here ;D

Get well buddy
Good luck with it...hope it ain't the swine flu.
That crud took 3 weeks to get over.
Don't know if it piggy flu or not but it's a doozy. Seems Nyquil,Tylenol,Theraflu and Jim Beam & honey can't make me sleep thu it.
Might not be piggy flu.
Some other kind of flu bug got into ya.

Hope ya get over it soon..You need to come down for a weekend & go Duck'n with us buddy.
No kiddin Gauge, I need out of the house!!!
Hay Bird ya want out of the house. Shoot I still have a couple heavy things I need moved to the new house. My back is as shot as a duck sloosed by gauge.
Wouldn't mind helpin ya, but my chest feels like I have a sack of feed on it and still dizzy. This stuff just doesn't let up. SiL's had it since before Thanksgiving.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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