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( Beavers ) Anyone hunt for them/or Trap um ?

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Anyone hunt beaver/Or Trap um ?
Didn't get any this last year.
So far this year nothing either.
I want to get 2 around 70 pounds or bigger & make a bean bag chair out of them.
I've shoot a few that were around 50 pounds ,yet their still to small for an adult size bean bag chair.
Anyone know of a place with bigger beaver swimming around,winter time when pelts are at their best ?
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Seems like all the ponds around here are swamped with 'em. Me and the SIL like to get out when we can and shoot the heck out of 'em. They are about the worst thing for a pond 'cept drought.
Bird, Next winter if ya see any hugh 1s shoot um for me.
I need 2 of um.
I'd appreciate it buddy.
You got it, want some if we get 'em in the spring/summer?
Bird, Na.
Winter pelts is what i'm looking for.
Thanks for ask'n.
Well next winter we'll get ya some, don't think they's going anywhere.
I got rid of a couple that were damming up a waterway at the farm last fall. I put these tubes thru the dam with holes drilled into the side of them to try and outwit them and drain the waterway, but they just built a new dam in front of it overnight when they couldn't stop the flow of water. :eek:

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Industirus lil critters they are.
Super contractors...The do it ya'all kind.
HUM' What kind of Beaver? Gauge. :D :D :D :D ;D ;D
Ha Ha Sprig...The kind you ain't get'n. ;D :D :D
What the heck you up to Craig...You need a new pair of slippers? :D :D :D A butt warmer?
Greg, A nice comfy bean bag chair.
So, ya a but warmer sort of speak.
LMAO!!!,I want one????
Greg,I'll get my own stuffing so all you got to do is get and tan out the pelts,sew them up with a zipper so it's ready to go,as I'm sure you can imagine,Debbie sews,just not for me&%$#@%^&&&. What a lovely women????
Saw a whopper beaver yesterday in our pond. Looked like an attack sub trolling by my unarmed self.
Dang, wish it were winter time that would be a good 1 for the bean bag chair.
Oh they'll be more I gauenteee ya that.
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