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Best hunt of the year

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Well I spent most of the Christmas Holiday with my mother in Ada. She has been the best Mom in the world, but she's just not going to be with me very many more days. She is now in a coma and resting. Won't be long until she is with my Dad...Anyway.....I decided to go hunting yesterday morning since it was the last doe day...It was 24 degrees when I left my truck and so much frost that it looked like snow. I hid behind some round bales watching a 25 acre bottom of rye grass. At 7:30 there were 12 deer within 100 yards of me.. a big flock of turkeys was on the rye grass, then a big bunch of geese came in and landed. A coyote came in and then a hawk flew in and landed on a fence post..Not one of the animals seemed to mind the other being there, including myself. I didn't fire a shot. I just watched and in my mind I thought about what a Wonderful God we serve. I was truly seeing a creation of God. All the different wildlife on a snow white bottom with the sun just beginning to come up. All I done was say a prayer for my Mother and truly thanked God for creating such a moment. He knew exactly what I needed at the time and delivered every bit of it. It had to be the most perfect hunt of the year. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable New Year. Sasakwa
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First off You and your mom are in my families thoughts and prayers at this time. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

2nd thing is you are not a hunter but a true sportsman and I can think of no higher compliment than that to give a person.

That must have been a beautiful sight to see. You are very fortunate to have seen such a wonder of Gods.

Take care my friend and God bless

Thanks Michael, I just felt like a gun shot would have ruined the perfect morning that was taking place..I have turned down many shots in my life, but I have never turned down a shot that made me feel better inside than yesterday morning...I just didn't want to interupt anything..besides that, there will always be another day and another coyote...have a good one my friend..
Sounds like you had a really great day. Days like your talking about, come along rarely in ones lifetime.
Sorry to hear about your mom,Ray.
Your correct,God gave you the gift you needed.
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