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biased reporting

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I was listining to talk radio last night, when a subject came up about how biased the networks are when reporting on politics.
They told a story of a female soldier in Iraq that was assigned to guard a reporter from ABC that was there to report on how the troops would vote if the general election were held that day. The reporter interviewed 60 soldiers, with the result being 2 for hillary, 4 for barrack hussain obama, & 54 for McCain. The female soldier emailed her family that day & told them to watch the news as she was in camera view during the interviews, & wanted them to see her. They did, & were happy to see their daughter, but dismayed when only six soldiers were shown, & guess what, 4 said they were for barrack hussain obama, & 2 would vote for hillary. No mention was made of the other 54 :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I realize we have freedom of the press........but thats not right :mad: :mad:
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IMHO that's not ethical reporting..A reporters job is to report the news as it happens not as they feel it should happen.. That's the problem with mass media you have to read between the lines and also be skeptical and will never get the whole truth or the real story, instead you will get a story based on the reporters or stations biased views or what they feel will make the most money..There was a time when the media was about informing society now it's like any other industry it's controlled by the all might dollar not good ethical reporting..Reporters and news outlets have a responsibility to report the truth and the whole truth no matter the outcome they just don't do that anymore..Sad as it is...
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