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BIG GAME pics and stories

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Post your big game photos and storys here.

-Mule deer-150
-Black bear-500
-Wild boar-75
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Took him Sunday morning. Had to wait out some rain. Used the Can by primos a few turns and he came in no problem. got him within 10yds twice before sending an arrow through him. 125gr. steel force venom fixed blade broadhead attached to the Nuge pink arrow.(Yes, some of the money went to support Susan G. Komen)

field dressed at 130lbs. Cut a quite a bit of fat out when I was gutting him. Still had a big thick layer of fat on him. Seen a couple does that will out weight this guy by at least 15-20lbs. hope to get some does added to the board. Got a couple bigger bucks hoping to get the opportunity at one before rifle season.

we have the lead for now. but a few deer for the other team will get us behind.
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Sweet. Ill get the points added. Congrats. I sailed one over a doe lastnight. :mad:
Nice buck and good luck on beating us
Sweet. Ill get the points added. Congrats. I sailed one over a doe lastnight. :mad:

don't feel bad. Last Wednesday I shot my own freaking blind trying to stick a doe. went into tunnel vision and quit worrying about getting the arrow out of the blind. It has hubs at center of each side of blind. Then from the hub going to each corner is a carbon fiber rod. Smacked one of those when I released on that doe. But shot the buck pretty much same spot she was standing when I screwed up.
If it weren't for our mistakes, and screw ups, we wouldn't have any story's to tell. LOL!
HAHA, I think we have all done that to our poor blinds. I must say if it wasnt for Lumenoks I would have never found my arrow. It was wayyyyy off in the timber.
I've got to get some of those. Your video was pretty impressive along with others I've seen. The Excalibur doesn't use a nocked bolt. Just a flat surface on the back.

Did you have to cut the shafts down for any extra length?

I'm assuming they are a one time use?
My arrows are the same in that it has a flat bolt. I can buy arrows that will take them.
I finally shot a deer this year! She's a yearling, but still going to be tasty.

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congrats on the fat doe! ;D
It's a tween doe. The veal of the venison.
Got the points added for the "dog" deer. ;) No really, congrats. At least you have seen deer. :'(
0000025649 said:
Oooooooo weeeeeee! Tell us the story. Congrats.
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