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BIG GAME pics and stories

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Post your big game photos and storys here.

-Mule deer-150
-Black bear-500
-Wild boar-75
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Got my Black Friday shopping done! :D

I first heard her snorting and throwing a fit about 7:25 AM, and saw her about 300 yds away. The wind was out of the south, so I guess she smelled someone on the property south of me, but she was a little nervous. I thought she was going to come more toward me, but she still came into my area, and gave me a good shot, so I took it. I estimated she was about 200 yds away, so I took aim and fired. The way she jumped, I knew it was a solid hit! When I went to check for blood, I found her lying about 30 yds from where I shot her. I decided to leave her lay since it was cool enough, and early enough that maybe a buck wouldn't be too far behind. But alas, and hour and a half later, no buck. So about 9:30, since the temps were starting to climb up into the mid-40s, I decided it was time to field dress her and get her back to the house, skinned, and quartered, and get ready for the afternoon hunt. I also used that time to use my rangefinder to get a more accurate distance...223 yds, which makes it my longest confirmed kill to date! Woohoo! I love my .30-06!

I didn't weigh her, but I figure she probably would've gone into the mid-90s. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but she was a good mature doe, with a long straight back, and long nose. I still can't figure out why she was alone!?

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Cause we totally missed the rut, thats why. Ill get the points posted. Congrats deer hogger.
But to see a single doe by herself is still strange. I usually see does running in groups of 3 or more.
Deer activity in general has been strange for me. On a normal year, if I saw a single doe, I'd almost bet the bank that a buck would follow through within the hour. This year, who knows.
Finally got some table meat.

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Sweet. Is that a 223 ?

Okherp with a giant of a sow taken this morning on a turkey hunt
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That is a big old pig! Congrats!
Bacon backstrap....YUMMY!!!
4 pigs. Story in wild hog section.
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I guess we know where the forum GT BBQ is gonna be held. Nice pile of chops.
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