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Bone Head moves

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well thought we could have some fun on this so post yours up and heres one of mine and this happened Today

we went out to woodward one of our best ranches for big bucks today for youth rifle season and i had newley drop me off at a stand for some bowhunting well get in the stand for 15 minutes tops when a nice 9 pt walks in go to knock an arrow and none in my quiver i left them all in my case in the truck that is who knows where so i get to watch this buck and two others less than 30 yds all night it was pretty coolt though and the best part is one of the guys daughter smoked a good 9pt her first deer ever and newley and his boy are going to sit in that stand tomorrow to get a crack at one of those bucks for his first deer and i will get another chance at one of them later in the year
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I left my bullets in the truck one time. I no sooner got into the blind, when a monster 8 point walked along the timberline about 300 yds away. I was freaking out and calling myself lots of bad names. Out of desperation I started going thru my back pack, and found one bullet. About that time it started to pour down rain, so with a wet lense on the scope, I took the shot and the buck fell like a rock. He's on my wall now ;D
Went for a nature walk while deer hunting one day.
I was around 1 to 1 1/4 miles in the woods,When I had a big fat doe rise up out of her bed.
At only 25 yards with a 1oz 12 Gauge Slug. She dropped like she got hit by a Mack truck.
Now all the works begins.I had the knife and gloves with wet rags to wipe out the inter wall.
{Bone head move}...No deer drag...I had the shotgun over my shoulder & chest.
With a does' rear legs in my hands for about 2 hrs back to the truck.
Deer hair on bare hands, fells like you get a million paper cut by the time you get back to the truck ->
after a one mile plus walk.

The good part...
Best doe , I have ever shot. She field dressed 130 lbs.
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