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bonus season doe

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Got a bonus season doe this evening. Took the 30-06 today, and had 5 does come down a creek line. Picked out the biggest, and hammered a 106 pounder. ;D I apologize for the ugly picture, but It was late by the time I got home :(

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Nothing but nice.
Way to go Dennis, your puttin the smack down on the deer this year!
Im going this weekend. Now if I can only decide on which gun I want to use for the spanking. ;) May have to break out the Savage 99 lever action.
Second bonus doe season is starting on the 26th.
Sure is..I be out tomarrow morning.
All the best to ya'all that go these next 3 days.
Got me a 92lb field dressed Grey Ghost. Look at her face and coat. She stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl.
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Old doe indeed Smokewagon.
At least ya got 1.Congrates.
I didn't.
Man! talk about an old grey lady :eek:
Did you go to one of the check stations that will age the deer? I got one at a controlled hunt at Salt Plains tht was 10/ 1/2 years old and she didn't look at old as this doe :eek: :eek:
No Dennis, the check station in Cleo Springs is all up to you to do everything.
Thats the way it is with me. Being on the DMAP we have our own check station, and have to check and weigh our own deer. We have to remove and save a jaw from the does. Its an honor system, but when you have that many tags, why would anybody even thing about cheating on it. ??? ???

I went to the Wildlife expo, and went to the deer aging booth where they had a hundred or so jaws that were already aged and had tags attached, but when I used the same criteria to age them that they had on the literature, I got several different discrepencies from what they said. To brag on the Wildlife department rep in the booth, he also looked at them and agreed. Told me that some of the biologist trainees(college students) had probably just made a mistake.

On another note, that Wildlife Expo is a great place to take your kids, or just go by yourself. I usually go by myself.
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