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Bore snake

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anyone use it and do you like it???...is it worth the money???...your thoughts and opinions please
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I have one for every caliber I own. I really like them. The people that built my custom AR will void the warranty if you use anything but a bore snake, or the equivalent by Otis Technologies. If I'm not incorrect, the military issues them for combat rifles. Maybe some of our members that are currently in the military can confirm that.
I'm in ca hoots with,Dennis.
They work great & keeping one on you in the field is easy.
Since they don't take up much room at all.
I have a small compartment in the butt stock of my ar, and thats where that one goes. ;D
I have one for my shotgun and love it...Don't have one for the rifle but plan on it once I get a job.
I have one for every caliber I have. Also, if you have a 45 Colt rifle. The 410 shotgun snake fits perfectly.
Boys in the desert get an Otis cleaning kit. They work like a champ and so do the BoreSnakes. I do like the little snuff can for the Otis kit as you don't get one for the 'Snake.
I too have one for every caliber I own. Its a heck of lot faster than using a conventinal cleaning kit. Great for when going on an extended hunting trip when space might be limited. I use my bore snakes weekly as I figure Uncle Sam taught me to P.M. my guns regularly wether they get used or not. I get all my guns out Tuesday nights, field strip em and clean em. Its kinda theraputic for me. Nothing like the smell of Hopps 9. I wish they made a perfume out of it so I could get my wife to wear it. ;D
Yeah, a little dab of Hoppes #9 behind the ear would be better than some of the stuff they put there, plus a lot cheaper ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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