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Ok gang I am going to look at bows this year. I figure once I get a job I can save up and get a bow finally. Anyways I need some advice on bows as I know nothing about them. Last time I looked due to my weak right shoulder I had a hard time drawing the bow at anything over 60 lb draw..So I guess I need to look at something in the 50-60 lb draw range. So need suggestions on a good easy to draw bow that will put a deer or elk down.
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BowTech...TOMCAT,Razor.both are under $500.00
Parker & Browning have 1 each in the 40-50lb draw weight.These are under $500.00 as well.
Also these bows will meet your draw length, since your @ least a 28" draw length or better.

Bass Pro Shops carry's all but 1 of these bows,I mentioned.

I think 55lb draw weight is the minimum for ELK. [It could be 50lb.]
Yeah if I could get something I could adjust anywhere from 50-60 till I build up my should strength then I'd be set. Draw length was the issue the last time I went looking. So we'll see what I can find late summer..Plan on getting one just before bow season starts. Main reason is I can hunt with bow at lake thunderbird and its close by.
The [ Rock ] by BOWTECH-Diamond.
Will do you then.
They go to over a 30" draw & rate 50-60 pounds of draw weight.
Bow comes as a package deal from Bass Pro Shops.
The package deal is a good 1 too.
Total cost will be just over $500.00 for this bow.

Also this is short axle to axle bow 31". ;D
Ibo speed of over 325 f.p.s.
It with your set up @ 60 lb draw will do every bit of 300 f.p.s.
Plenty enough kinetic energy to drop anything in North America.

I'm thinking of buy'n this 1 myself if the funds come in.
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Due to my arm surgery and repair, my compound bow it coming up for sale. Its a Bear Kodiak magnum with a wood riser. Its set up at 65 lbs. I'll post a pic tommorow or Sunday. There are lots of accesories that go with it
Most Elk states require I believe a minimum of 55lbs draw. Some have a max let off number be sure to take that into consideration too. I would recoment a bow that has adjustable draw length and adjustable let off so you can set it to the state you are hunting in. Go to a pro shop and talk to the archery pros. They will be able to fit you up and set your bow up with the proper rigging.
There are alot of good bows out there. I highly recommend going to
a pro shop and shooting all of them in your price range and specs.
The guys at Sportman's Warehouse have really been helpful with my son
and some of his friends when picking out bows in that range.
In my opinion, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable
shooting the bow. I am a Bowtech guy right now because it felt the best
when I shot all of them. Have an open mind and go with what you feel good shooting.
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