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Boy,ya take off two weeks to go Turkey hunting

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and this is how it is from 30+ yards,this is an eight inch target,and except for the two on the fringe all 30 out of 30 hit it at least,well I guess any way you look at it,That's one dead Deer ;D But not my best by no means :( Just a tad rusty,The last 10 where on the spot,Thought I was going to jack-up an arrow :eek:

Well I guess 1/2 of them are with-in or touching the 9 ring ;) Make that 17 out of the 30
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Not to shappy.
YA,I guess any way you look at it,any of those shots = a dead Deer ;D
More meat for the table ;D
I'd say,nice shooting their kele.
Greg, you still got it.
Hope to see your turkey you bag with your bow.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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