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Just thought I'd share.
Dear Folks,
[/size] Like it or not, these are strange times. We still have high unemployment nearly everywhere. We've been handed the largest debt in the history of the world by our president. The UN is working hard to put together an Arms Trade Treaty that has all the appearances of severely restricting our rights granted under the Second Amendment, and both Ms. Clinton, our Secretary of State, and Mr. Obama have signaled they would sign it if approved by the Senate. The corn and bean belt throughout the Midwest is suffering from the worst drought conditions since 1956, which is going to affect food prices since these two crops are the main source of food for our meat and egg producers. And, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012 according to some. Wow – kinda makes you want to think seriously about self protection, concealed carry and some serious survival planning.
(Interesting point about the Senate ratification of this UN ATT. I read from a reliable source that treaties submitted to the U.S. Senate require approval of two-thirds of Senators present to be ratified. Wonder what happens if it's brought to the floor at 0200 hours when most against it are absent and the few there are for ratification and two-thirds of them vote in favor of it.)
So, I wanted to devote these comments to http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=34&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]concealed carry[/url] and self protection – but from a slightly different point of view. You all know that you have to get your CCW through the proper channels in your state. You may have to take training, may have to show proficiency with your handgun at a range, and may have to meet other criteria. All states except Illinois have this provision with some more or some fewer requirements. For those of you in Illinois, you can only work on/with your elected legislators to try to get something passed to allow you access to concealed carry.
But, did you think about how this current political arena or better yet the UN's ATT might affect your ability to use your firearm for your own protection once you have the permits to do so? As I said earlier, our current leadership is willing to throw the Second Amendment under the bus. The marketplace is watching all of this very closely, and we suggest you do too. If the ATT is not ratified, my guess is that the UN - in its infinite wisdom - will continue the process somehow by some means, and will keep the concept alive to be brought up again when it feels it might have a chance for ratification by the US Senate. In any event, the marketplace is going to react – ratified or not. We feel there will be a large growth of new gun owners seriously shopping for fear they will have only a few more opportunities to ever purchase a gun again. And current owners who want to expand their collection will buy to be sure they get what they want to have before something comes down. Or depending how it plays out, the market may react by going into "buy it now mode" for ammunition of certain calibers to be certain to have something to shoot in the guns they've purchased. We truly expect this to focus on the AR-15 or similar semi-auto rifles and concealed-carry pistols, and their respective http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=26&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]ammunition[/url].
There is currently a run on ammunition, and we've talked about the shortages in earlier http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=37&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]WebBench Articles[/url]. As we look further into the causes for this scarcity, it all appears to point to the lack of brass from the major manufacturers. We understand they are trying to catch up, but currently to no avail. We understand part of the issue is that because of the high cost of raw materials, scrap is being searched for. And, we're told the extremely high cost of new lead makes it prohibitive for low-cost production, making scrap and re-cycled lead in high demand – more than is available, driving up the price – which may contribute to the shortage of low-cost bullets. We're told, though, the the availability of cases is the true problem in all of this mix.
Alternatives sources for cases are being sought throughout the world, and the marketplace is trying to fill that gap for the low-cost 5.56, .40 and 9mm rounds which are in such hot demand right now. From all indications, we feel demand will likely far outstrip supply for the next 12-18 months.
Now is the time to be smart and aware. Check your own supplies to see what you have squirreled away. Check all the gun shops and ammo sources around. Scan the web repeatedly and find sources for the ammo you want. Stay flexible in your choices if you can. Don't get caught up in the "I gotta buy it now 'cause I can always sell it later for a profit" game. It didn't work the last time there was a shortage; it won't play out in your favor this time, either. The factories will catch up. They're trying their durndest to do so, and they will win. Just lay in enough to keep your guns and you happy.
As for handguns and conceal carry-type firearms, there is a wondrous selection out there to chose from. As for http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=53&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]AR-15 parts[/url], the bolt carriers right now are almost impossible to get – but they are being made at the absolute manufacturing capacity of one of the major producers. We have them in and out of stock, but the best way to fill your needs is to get on the back order list. Usually what comes in is not enough to meet the numbers on that list. But they do come in. And your turn WILL come.
We've all been through this before. So keep up with what's going on. Best source for updates on what's going on and particularly the UN is the NRA/ILA Email Alerts – go to http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=7&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]www.nraila.org[/url] and go to the very bottom of any of the pages and click on "Contact Us". A page opens where you can register and then click on the box that says "Sign up to receive NRA-ILA Email Alerts". You'll get the daily alert which I read faithfully to stay current. By the way, if you are not already an NRA member, now would be a super-excellent time to http://links.mkt2010.com/ctt?kn=13&ms=NDI0NzI2OAS2&r=MzAzNDMzOTc3NTYS1&b=0&j=MTI4NDAzNDg3S0&mt=1&rt=0]become one[/url]. They are, after all, the largest and strongest lobbying group supporting our Second Amendment and the rights it grants us under the Constitution. Just remember, if it were not for the Second Amendment, the First Amendment could become meaningless.
[/size][img alt=Best - Frank & Pete]http://www.oklahomahunter.net/forum/wlmailhtml:{4A169EEC-ACAA-416D-B4EA-18CFCCBBA718}mid://00000022/!x-usc:http://www.brownells.com/UserDocs/Miscellaneous/webbench_FB_sig.jpg[/img]
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