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Browning's New {X-Bolt Rifle}

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Just got done looking at the new browning catalog.
Seen the new x-bolt rifle they look nice.
Only difference, I saw betwen it and the A-bolt was the stock design.

Has anyone yet put their hands on one?
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Not yet. I have their catalog on order. I own an A-bolt in the stainless stalker 30-06
Nice gun~ Dennis.
I should take a picture of my sons room. He has the browning fan and the browning
bedspread and sheets. He is a Browning nut. I got him a 7mm Mag a-bolt for
xmas. It is the Medallion and it is a good shooter. His room is painted in log cabin
and has his fish and animal mounts. I am really jealous cause I am in with the wife
and do not get to have that in my room. Also, he has a few browning knives and they
hold a good edge. He used to have a Browining bow (micro midas) but outgrew it and
picked a bowtech. Anyway, he is Browning crazy and I think he needs help.
the x bolt is nice we got a few in the store the clip is different as is the bolt throw and they have a new bolt release they have a great feel to them i would like to get one but dont know what caliber
Caresut~ Your sons bedroom sounds like my whole house. ;D

Mason, thanks for the info on the new X-Bolt. 8)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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