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Buck Rescue

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How many points do I get for rescuing a button buck from certain death. On my way to stand in the morning I saw the buck hung in the fence. After getting done with the morning hunt, we went back and checked and it was still there. We got a stick in in the fence and got it out, It ran off a few feet and collapsed from exhaustion. We left it there to recooperate. It was gone when we came back by.
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Maybe in a few years youll be sitting up in your stand and he will pass your way again with a real nice rack, and when you harvest him youll notice a scar on his leg. Wouldn't that be some thing else.
If nothing else, you get points for being a good fella ;) ;D
Good to hear ya helped him out.
Maybe he will send some other deers grandpa your way next season.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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