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I'm a member of the okla youth hunting and shooting program.
We are putting on a hunt for a bull elk hunt in North Central New Mexico on a private ranch to raise funds that will allow us to take kids shooting and hunting. Landowners donate their property, and volunteers take the disadvantaged kids, single parent kids, whatever for their first hunt.
You can't imagine how rewarding this is.
The hunt we are putting on is valued at $7500.00.
It is all expenses paid, including food, tags, landowner access access permits, etc.
The hunt will be conducted by a professional guide that has guided on the property for several years. He has a 92% success ratio last year on bulls 270 class and above. The only reason it's not 100% is because two clients missed a bull at 200 yds broadside.
The winners will only be responsible for their personal transportation to the hunt, and an optional tip to the guide.
Accommodations will be a three bedroom double wide with full kitchen, etc. pretty cushy hunt.
BTW, this is the same property I elk hunt every year.
Donations to the organization are $20 each, or $50 for three.
Drawing is 7/9/2012.
Contact me for donations.
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