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burris euro diamond binocular

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anyone ever look through a set of these i need some opinions before i pull the trigger on them how do they compare to the swarovski el
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The Swarowski are more money.
Optics are around the same for clearity,shockproof & fogproof.

The high dollar- Zeiss,Swarowski,Burris {Binos}and a few other rank the same,Just the price tag will make up your mine.
I've only looked thru one set of $1200 Swarovski's. I think I like the clarity of my $150 Nikons just as well.
well i ordered me a set mon if they are as good as i think they are my leupolds might be for sale quickly (and yes i will offer them for what i paid for them on my cost to you guys) if not then the euros will be for sale
Mason- What leupold bino do you have? Windriver or Gold Ring?
they are the wind river olympic 10x50 very good glass for anything
Well let us know if ya sell um.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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