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Cabelas Catalog

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Got my Cabelas Archery catalog in the mail the other day. Seems like they come earlier every year. Lucky for us.
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Just another wish book to have by the $hitter.
Re: Cabela's Catalog

I bought some Archery stuff from Cabela's and was really sad to see I could get it cheaper at my local Archery store with no shipping!! It belongs on the Shiaater.
I buy more from cabellas than bass pro. When you live in a one horse town with only a walmart where the sporting goods manager is an anti hunter, you do everything by catalog or internet. :'(
Ya,our Wall-Fart Sux to.I have to go 30 miles to my bow shop,Been there sense 1956.
The best one in the whole area,and I think theres only one more,My Gun Dealer I get most all my Guns threw hooked me up with these guys. I'm real Happy with the service I get from them,Cabela's at least has a very Good policy for backing up there Products.
If nothing else the catalog is a good wish book to see what ya want and give a base price to compair from. I've always had good luck ordering things from Cabelas, but I still like holding it in my hand before buying it.
This is True.
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