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Camo Paint Job

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Anyone know where a person might get a good camo paint job done on a shotgun? I have a Mossberg 835 that is a good lookin gun, but would be better if camoed. I have never had one done, dont know how durable it would be, Any advise?
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I got 1 for you Farmboy.
I need to look him up though & give ya some more info.

I like the camo guns. If you just want to camo it for a hunt, they sell a "sock" that you pull over the gun, and make a couple of cuts in it to load, eject the shells, and get to the safety and trigger.
Gauge, that would be great, is the guy local?

Dennis, I've seen those but wasnt sure how they would hold up. I'm kinda more partial to paint, I had a 835 in woodland camo that got stolen and now have a 10/22 in Mossy Oak Breakup.
Farmboy, when ya come down next weekend,I'll give the info buddy.
I've painted a couple of my guns using Krylon Camo paint. I think that they turned out pretty good.
How 'bout a good ole role of camo tape?
ELIP ~ How does the Krylon hold up to wear and tear? I figured it would chip off pretty easy.

Bird ~ I used the tape on a bow once, but it faded fast and looked rough. I tried removing it to replace and wound up with a BIG mess, havent tried it on anything since.
Secret to the camo tape is to not leave it on for a long time. If you take it off right after the season the glue doesn't turn to goo.
Camo-Clad is 1.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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