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canoe questions

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well last few years I have had this canoe. well not mine but its stored at our farm. possession is 9/10ths of the law right??? but i was told i could use it as i please and have in big ponds and such.

in this state are they required to be registered like a john bout or anything?

i wouldnt mind takin this thing to few other places but dont wanna end up with a ticket as it came with no registration being from another state.
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I was told by a friend of mine, an ODWC biologist, that canoes and kayaks are required to be tagged on public waters. I was under the impression that there was a size exemption for small boats. Apparently there used to be, but that law was changed a few years ago.

As far as registration goes, can it not be registered like a car with a lost title?
well im sure they have a title for it. it is just being stored at our farm since they live in an apartment. they come get it twice a year pretty much
Said canoe must be registered in OK. All vessels and motors of 10 hp and larger must be registered.
Okla is one of only 6 states that require a canoe or kayak to be registered. I bought my canoe from a guy that moved here from GA. He didn't have a title for it as it wasn't required. I had to go to the tag office and file for a lost title.
I understand the fine for not having it registered on public waters is quite steep.
A net search for OK boating laws will give you all the shocking answers you want.
Not all boats in other states are required to have tags, or even a title sometimes, but a bill of sale will usually suffice from what I have been told. May check with the warden to ask about boat owners from other states that are visiting though.
I had a bill of sale from Ga. The tag agent had a book to look up each state to see if they required titles or not.
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