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Saturday morning it was me & Alsatian a.k.a. Mike.
We had good action all morning long on the lake.
The both of us should of had a few more birds but that's hunting.
I got 1/2 a drake mallard ...Me & Mike shoot @ the same time & down he went.
1 drake pintail & 1 hen g.w.teal.
Mike shot a double on g.w.teal..1 hen 1 drake.Plus 1/2 a drake mallard.

Saturday night @ the ducks unlimited w.h.p. dinner we meet a guy named John.
He was looking to go hunting the next morning.I told him to follow Mike in the morning to my house. John is from Michigan & is working on Ft.Sill Army Base.

Well we all hit it off well on sunday morning.
We all should of had geese that morning we all got to excited and missed.
John got a hen mallard.
Mike got a drake g.w.teal.
I got a drake pintail,drake g.w. teal & a drake bufflehead.

We had 4 g.w. teal come in @ all went down on the water.
What sucked was me & mike were the only two to get 2 of the 4 back.
Mike & John shot several times & the wounded 1's & they still escaped.
:mad: ??? ::) ??? ::) :mad: :mad: :mad:

I made the photo's that Mike took into a slide show...I hope it works. ::) NOPE :mad: :mad:

Here are the pics....


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That sounds and looks like one heck of a weekend hunt. I still say the weekend that I spent down there with you and yours was one of the best weekends of my life.


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I knew that was coming. Thanks,ELIP ha ha ha.lol
I had a sinus headache, so having a hat on hurt like hell.
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