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Comments on good waders

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Im researching getting my first pair of chest waders and am looking for some imput on what I should be looking for and what brand seems to hold up the best. Im planning to use them for waterfowling along with trudging creeks and rivers. Keep in mind Im a big boy weighing in at 260lbs ex boddy builder build.
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Well I will say one thing buy neoprene and nothing else..I know the BassPro brand has issues and have heard that frm a few folks..I have their cheapo non neoprene ones and they are ok just not as warm and heavy as hell..

Other then that I can't help much..I do know if I was to buy a new pair I'd goto Cabella's...haven't been overly impressed Bass Pro...
Cabela's "Armor Flex Waders". They are neopream & have insulated bootys bulit in.
They got 3-4 models to choise from.All are 5mm thick neopream & 1000-1600 thinsulate insulation bootys.

You woun't find a better wader made.
They run between $159.00-229.99 that is for the zipper front wader.

Hodgmen & La Crouse would be the only other 2 to consider.
I had some of the cheap redhead models, and they were just too low in the chest. When I get in my tube to pond fish, I was always getting splashes into the front and getting wet inside.
Last year I bought a pair or Orvis waters at a fly shop in Missouri. They are the boot style, and most important, they are really high in the chest. :eek:
Dennis good point ya made about high on the chest.
The Cabela's waders will hit ya high Rich.
I like my new Brownings the are neopreme and they worked great last weekend with sewege going all over me.

Ah was someone playing in poo...:) What county/town is that I can come make a deposit for you..: :p
My back yard ??? :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :'(
Tulsahunter, ya need us to...
Re-stock the brown trout for ya? ;D
Tulsahunter, ya need us to...
Re-stock the brown trout for ya? ;D
eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww :eek: :eek:
i have a pair of hodgmans at $250 from macks prairie wings they are a good deal as ive had them 4 years and they are a stout size for us short squatty guys
Thanks for the input everyone.
I got mine at Bass Pro for about $100 and love them.
Cabela's ARMOR FLEX.
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