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Controlled hunts

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Anybody draw one?
The only thing I got was a box saying see ya next year :'( :'(
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I am with ya Dennis I didn't get any for this year as well..:(
i got drawn for a chance to try again next year this stinks
Dang, We all got ripped off for this year.

Thanks for your money;Please try again next year...The Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation. ;D

Someday,I'm gonna get a chance to kill an elk in the refuge.
Nothing for me either but...See Ya Next Year
I know some body on here that got a draw.....he is just gonna have to fess up ;)
Yea, Yall he knows I got drawed for a doe at Wichita mts...I knew I made a mistake telling him...You can telephone, telegraph, or teleDennis and it will get there about the same time...I will say one thing...it don't do the ole heart any good for a 57 year old that has been applying for a bull elk for over 30 years to log on to the web site and read the words congratulations...and then see the words Wichita mts..I nearly passed out ...then I read the rest of the notice...a doe deer .and then I couldn't even remember my thinking as to why I applied...then I remembered that we haven't got to go trout fishing much this year due to the high water...and I was thinking that it would be a nice little camping trip for the wife and me...yea...it all came back...the only true thing I did was lose all my preference points.....and now to make things worse ( or better )..the wife don't want to go and so I'm stuck with taking a buddy and having to drink all that beer and stuff like that...boy do I dread it!! anyway...thanks a lot Dennis...
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I didn't mention any names ;) ;) ;D
I know, I told our little beer drinking Buddy last night and he gave me the big horse laugh...then he called this morning and wanted to go be my camp cook...but the only thing he knows how to prepare is liquid diets...Coors Lite....
the only thing he knows how to prepare is liquid diets...Coors Lite....
Is there a problem with that??
Well, let me know when your come this way to deer hunt,Sasakwa.
They got trout in the creek here in Medicine Park to catch.
We could get together & visit a spell as well.

Shoot,I live only but 3 minutes from the refuge.
Yea Gauge, I'll be sending you a pm...I had already figured this would be a good reason to meet you..It's not like I'm driving 180 miles to hunt a doe..I would rather think of it as I'm driving 180 miles to get to relax, see some country that I haven't seen in over 30 years, maybe drink a beverage of choice and meet some new friends...to me...that's worth a little driving..I did notice that last year they only killed 13 does...maybe no one that got drawed showed up or the weather was bad...The web site shows they issued 65 tags and only took 13..still no big deal...I can go deer hunting 200 yards east of my house...or drive to Dennis's house and hunt his back yard..I do know his work schedule...(Man what a thought!)
Yea, Dennis there is a problem with that...I'm a fat man...I still like to chew on some meat and taters with my beverage of choice..and our little Buddy makes fun of me for drinking Bud Lite...calls it a real bad name...all I know is the first one sure taste good and after a few more, who cares if it taste good..
Gauge, I had no idea there was trout down there...Trout pretty well has to be my favorite fish to catch..not bad to eat either if you cook them on a stick just like a wiener....roast em, peel em and then eat em...of course with a Bud lite...
Sounds good Sasakwa.
Most of the people that showed up to hunt last season stayed in camp. ???
It was also a warm weather hunt :mad:,I hate to hunt deer in the heat myself.

Now as for Bud Light...It's alot better then Keystone or Coors Light any day.
Good choise in beer Sasakwa will get along just fine in deer camp.

Alittle more about the trout here in medicine creek.
The town of Medicine Park buys Rainbows every year from MO.
They charge ya to fish for them since, due to the delivery from another state.
Most of the rainbows are 14" with around 50 Rainbows going between 3-7 pounds. :eek:
WHOOOO HOOOOO! Going to Big Mac ammunition plant to hunt the big boys with stick and string. Cant wait. Ive heard lots of storys about the huge bucks there. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Got the not drawn message, dang. Guess I'll need to hit Ft Sill ,eh Guage.
Congrats on the draw smokewagon. I know some guys that have hunted there. They say there are some real monsters there
You need to get in on the archery Elk Hunt here soon in Sept.
Gauge, I checked Ft Sills web site and they haven't come out with their bag limits and seasons yet. Thinking I might need to make a trip down there to talk to 'em in person.
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